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I had 2 massage therapy sessions with Linda so far and it's great experience. She did an initial assessment on me and was able to identify my problems and causes of pain quickly. Linda was very knowledgeable & gave a lot of advices. She was there to treat my chronic pain rather than giving me a relaxing massage - it can be very painful at times but she is very patient and will tailor her strength to your comfort, but the results are already showing 😊 I will continue the treatment with Linda.
Update: after 10 sessions (about once a week), now I feel less stiff around my shoulders and my lower back is aching less frequently now. Also no more pain around my neck when I turn my head sideways.


My first visit and experience was pure bliss. The beautiful and serene environment makes you feel peaceful the moment you enter. The service is excellent!

Jennifer Moreno

From the moment I got here, the atmosphere was welcoming. You did such an amazing job, I felt better than new. The hour flew by and it felt amazing.

Mary Matthews

The massage rooms are equipped comfortably and thoughtfully. The two-hour massage at your salon became my holiday adventure and fun! Thank you!

Amanda Smith

Linda is the best RMT I have come across so far. She is very experienced and advises you after assessing what the problem is and how you can get rid of it. I would highly recommend her.

Conrad Fernandes

I have seen much improvement in 4 sessions with Linda. I did not have a true understanding of how much my physical condition had deteriorated, over the last 3 years, until after my 3rd session where I slept as as well as I have in that time. The incremental build up of stress and muscle tension was very apparent when I was able to sleep through the night after treatment.
In addition to improved sleep, I am also very active in my personal and professional life. I have noticed increased range of motion while performing my activities, and reduced pain. I found the clinic through a stroke of good fortune and recommend anyone looking for effective treatment to give Linda a try.


One of the best hidden gems for a massage. I came across this clinic and decided to book an appointment. My RMT Linda Zhong was so amazing and knew exactly what she was doing. She has tons of experience in this and knows how to make others feel better. I was first assessed for my back pain and than I was provided a massage focusing on pressure points. It was very effective. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a massage to feel better.


Linda is not like other RMTs. She really knows how the body works and how to fix problems. Don't come here for a soothing, spa-like relaxing massage, but definitely come here if you need to actually recover and work on your body. She is definitely my go to RMT now!

Andrew Wang

Have been going for a massage with Linda after my bi-lateral knee replacements. She is very knowledgeable and has been an integral part of my recovery. Highly recommend it.

Maureen Bush

It was a great experience, Linda works well with her clients and she makes you feel relaxed in her care. She has a lot of knowledge about her work. I would recommend everyone to come here.

Mia P

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